Unipads India earns the Joy of Giving by helping 12,000 School Girls with Free Reusable Sanitary Pads
September 16, 2021
Unipads & Birth Control join hands to help 1000 Underprivileged Girls and Women
October 21, 2021

ALL SMILES: Unipads India successfully distributes 12000+ Reusable Sanitary Pads to Underprivileged school girls of Gujarat

Sponsored by TGB Charity and accomplished with support of Saath Charitable Trust


Seems like it just happened yesterday.

It’s because these moments were priceless.

From rising up early in the morning to covering long distances across the length and breadth of Gujarat, so that our teams always reach out to the ones who need us the most, this20-months old journey is really close to our hearts.

Back in October, 2019, TGB Charity partnered with Unipads India along with Saath Charitable Trust, and we all devoted ourselves to the mission of


Little did we know that every milestone accomplished by our teams, will give us a new lens to see and come up with novel ideas for the next steps.

What’s worth remembering are the few initial bumps that turned out to be the stepping stones towards our bigger goals.


For instance, right after 10 sessions, we decided to amplify the scope of our awareness sessions and make them more interactive and friendly. This shift of thought brought us much closer to the girls and it’s unbelievable how so many of them came forward to seek our help.

But bigger concerns were still awaiting us!

Right there in March, 2020, a nationwide lockdown was imposed in India and our speed of free distribution came to a temporary halt. Just imagine the ripples of lockdown on the menstrual health of millions of women who have no access to menstrual hygiene products.

A big full stop. Right?

But a ray of hope was sparked by our genius volunteers. They all took up this onus to distribute these reusable sanitary pads in the vicinity of the rural areas where they resided. A sigh of relief came on the faces of those girls who received these pads.

Now let us share some facts that will shake you up. Here they go:

    1. Out of the 355 million ‘menstruating women’ in India, only 36% have access to safe MHM products.
    1. 71% adolescent girls do not have adequate knowledge of MHM.
    1. Over 23 million girls drop out of school mainly due to poor Menstrual Hygiene and Management.
    1. Over 70% families in India cannot afford single use sanitary pads.

There are even more issues related to MHM that won’t be visible over the mainstream media.But that’s where Unipads India comes up for solving these issues straight in the face.


Our initiative with TGB Charity and Saath Charitable Trust became all the more special because of these activities:

+ AWARENESS & DEMONSTRATION: Dissemination of knowledge related to MHM and distribution of 12000+ free Unipads Menstrual Hygiene Kits

+ SMALL GROUPS: Phase wise events to accommodate all the mothers and young girls of rural areas.

+ COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: All of our sessions and events had strict compliance with the protocols of social distancing and safety norms

+ MICRO LEVEL REACH: Over 120 events were organized across different cities, towns, rural and tribal areas of Gujarat.

+ SAFE SPACE: We encouraged the young school girls to feel comfortable and share their concerns over MHM with us. With these discussions it became so easy for us to spread awareness on biological reasons, taboos and how to use reusable cloth sanitary pads made by Unipads India.

And here we are after 20 Months of hard work and devotion. A sense of pride does fill up the hearts and minds of all the “Kalyanis” and volunteers who made this possible.


Come let’s hear what the founders have to say about the successful completion of this initiative.

I am grateful to TGB Charity for having this kind of thought process where they came forward to support these adolescent girls from far off areas” says Ms. Geeta Solanki, Founder of Unipads India.

I appreciate the efforts of Unipads India and I also thank them for collaborating with Saath Charitable Trust for this noble initiative of distributing these reusable pads that can be used for over 12 months. Heartiest Congratulations to everyone involved in this initiative” shares Mr. Rajendra Joshi, Founder of Saath Charitable Trust.

This juggernaut has now attained full speed and we believe this is just the starting point of something bigger to come.


Unipads India is investing a lot of efforts to come up with several initiatives of these kind for all 28 States and 9 Union Territories of India.

We are open for collaboration with many of those organizations that want to undertake these missions as part of their CSR activities or philanthropy initiatives, for helping young school girls of rural and tribal areas of India with these reusable cloth sanitary pads.

After all we want to ensure that each girl has a right to good education and full access to equal opportunities.

Let us gift them a healthy future that leads to a healthy planet.


Please feel free to share your review with us and even if you have a personal concern related to Menstrual Hygiene and Management, you may write to us on


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Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

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