Your Period And Your Right To Choose
Your Period And Your Right To Choose
September 17, 2018
Helping Girls Stay In School With Unipads Re-Usable Sanitary Napkins
October 11, 2018

Everything You Want To Know About Unipads Reusable Sanitary Napkins

Curiosity sparked in the mind of a well known gynaecologist, Dr.Shraddha upon being introduced to Unipads. Keen on inquiring more about the initiative and with the aim of knowing more about this venture, she embarked on a healthy rendezvous with Ms. Geeta Solanki at a common event they attended together.

What followed was a detailed discussion on Unipads and doubt solving about the product. Below are the details about the discussion that took place between the two women over Unipads.

This discussion can also be used as a reference for other women to know more about the product.

It is a trend that leans towards providing affordable, healthy and sustainable sanitary conditions to menstruating women.

Why should we women use reusable pads?

Unipads is not merely a piece of cloth. It is a piece of dignity that allows women in many socially and economically challenged strata of society to bleed every month with dignity.

There are millions of women globally who don’t use any sort of hygienic product during menstruation due to reasons of affordability and availability.
We say affordability because the menstrual phenomena is continuous and several women from economically challenged backgrounds cannot afford the recurring cost of menstruation products.

We also emphasis on availability because there are millions of women who live in rural areas where in order to buy something as simple as sanitary napkins they have to travel many miles to nearby towns and that too every month.
In-order to overcome these two major hurdles associate with healthy menstruation for women, we recommend using reusable sanitary napkins.

Are reusable pads hygienic?

Yes, once the reusable pads are used, they can be washed easily as per the instructions. After washing and drying properly they are as good as new.
In fact they are much better in terms of hygiene than disposable pads. Disposable sanitary pads are treated with chemicals like chlorine dioxide, synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances which lead to production of harmful pollutants like Dioxin. Dioxin remains in the body for decades leading to hormone disruption, allergic reactions, reproductive and gynecological disorders like endometriosis.
Disposable pads use plastics, which block airflow to the vagina, which can lead to cause of painful rashes and cramps. Use of reusable sanitary pads made from breathable fabric drastically reduces the chances of cramps during menstruation.

When should the Unipad be washed?

You can wash the pads during your cycle as you go through your stash or launder them all once your period ends. Basically, just wash them whenever is the most convenient for you.

Won’t reusable pads get stained?

The pads are made of fabric which is easily washable and stain free. So once washed properly as per the instruction the stain are removed quite easily. No permanent stains remain if washed properly.

Do the Reusable sanitary pads leak?

No, the pads are leak proof. Unipads designs the pads with a layer to prevent the leak.

What is the durability of the Unipads?

Unipads are made from high quality fabric, and they are extremely durable. The estimated life span of the Unipads is 60 washes.

What is the best way to manage the discomfort of menstruation?

  • Eating a proper diet and ensuring proper hygiene is a key to ease out the pain from menstruation. To keep menstruation discomfort away, I believe that following these simple steps can help:
  • Always use a sanitary napkin. Using old clothes, pieces of fibrous things like the foam mattress, plant leaves, toilet paper, etc. to manage menstrual flow is not advisable and should be avoided None of these methods are leak proof and thus ineffective. All of them are unhygienic too! Using these unhygienic methods to manage the menstrual flow causes many diseases.
  • Maintaining a regular frequency of changing the sanitary pad/napkin is also advised. You should change the sanitary napkin every 4-6 hours. This is necessary because menstrual blood, when released from the body attracts various organisms from our bodies, which multiply in the warmth of the blood and cause irritation, rashes or urinary tract Changing your sanitary napkin at the suggested frequency minimizes the chances of any possible infections.
  • You must also remember to wash your vagina: Washing the vagina at regular intervals is very This is because the organisms cling to your body after you have removed the sanitary napkin. To prevent the build up or growth of these micro-organisms that cause diseases, you need to wash the Vagina at regular intervals.
  • The right way to wash the vagina is to use your hands in motion from the vagina to the anus. You should never wash from the anus to the vagina as this can lead to the transmission of the bacteria from the anus into the vagina or urethra opening. This is one of the causes leading to infections.

Are reusable pads comfortable?

  • Reusable pads are leakproof. As opposed to a piece of cloth, here is special absorbent material used in Unipads that prevents leakage during the use.
  • Each pad has a button which secures the pads with the underwear keeping it in place. On the other hand,  regular cloth used can get displaced.
  • Because of a special property material used, Unipads are easy to wash and dry quickly compared to cloth.
  • The shape and size of the reusable pads efficiently covers the area as when compared to regular cloth.

In general reusable pads have many advantages compared to cloth. Thus reusable pads are more hygienic and convenient to use than cloth.

Are reusable pads comfortable?

We have come up with a design that makes the Unipads very soft and breathable. This exchange of air can leave you feeling dry and with less chafing and irritation. We have many women telling us that Unipads offers breathibility and makes them much cooler to wear than disposable pads with their heat-trapping plastic parts.

Are reusable pads economic?

Absolutely! The initial cost of the reusable pads is higher than disposable. However the lifespan of the reusable pads is 1 year and no investment is required for that period compared to buying disposable ones every month. This makes reusable pads very economic compared to disposable pads.

How does one wash the reusable pads?

The easiest way to clean your pads is to just toss them into the washing machine. You can wash them on cold or warm settings; just avoid using hot water because that has the potential to set stains. They should not be washed with hot water.
If the Unipads are being washed manually, rinse the pad in soap water for an hour and then wash them like any other clothes. After washing it should be dried in air or light so that it becomes as good as new.

How can a used Unipad be stored?

We understand that the pad might have to be changed while being outside the house. To enable this, Unipads provides a convenient carry bag, which can store the used pad, if it has to be. It is leak proof and as when on reaching home or convenient place the pad can be taken out and washed.

How does one store the Unipad after use and wash?

The pads can be kept with common clothes in cupboards or any dry place. Ideally it should be stored in a manner in which they remain free from dust and other particles.

Is it good to use soaps or vagina hygiene products during menstruation?

No. Vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, which comes into play during menstrual cycles. Using artificial hygiene products can disturb the natural process of vagina cleaning and cause the growth of bacteria instead. This will certainly lead to infections.

Which is the most cost effective or affordable sanitary pad?

In my opinion Unipads Reusable Sanitary Pads are affordable and offer the most cost-effective way to manage menstruation. Unipads not only offer ultimate protection, comfort, and hygiene but being reusable, one pad lasts nearly 60 washes. Thus it is the most cost-effective & affordable sanitary pad. Unipads is ultra-absorbent and effectively manages heavy flow.

What is the proper way to use Unipads?

Before using the Unipads for the first time, you need to wash and dry it. Now the Unipads is ready to use. Each pad has a button which secures the pad firmly with the underwear. After every use, the pad has to be soaked and washed like any other cloth. It is then to be dried in the Sun. For drying the pad openly, a special pouch is provided. This pouch keeps the pad concealed and safe from dust and harmful particles in the air. The Unipads thus can be dried in the open and on the clothesline.

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