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October 26, 2018
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Using a re-usable sanitary napkin such as the Unipads is not only great for health and environment but is also wonderful for the pocket.
However, some first time users are quite unsure about how to wash, dry and re-use these pads!
Trust us, it is quite simple.
Here are 4 easy steps to washing, drying and storing Unipads for your ease and the longevity of the pad.

1. Pre-soak

Though the easiest way to clean your pads it to put them directly in the washing machine, take the time to pre-soak if you can.
Adding a dash of mild fabric conditioner to the soaking water will help fight probably discoloration or odor. The benefit of soaking it is that a lot of the blood will come out in the soaking process making it less time consuming to wash.
Remember, this step is not a must do but helps to keep your pad colour intact.

3. Use a natural detergent

You may use your regular laundry detergent but ensure that it is free from bleach and fabric softeners. These re-usable sanitary napkins can loose their absorbency if they are exposed to harsh chemical at the time of washing. Once this is done, squeeze the excess water out. Remember: DO NOT WRING THE PADS!

2. Wash cold

Using cold water in the machine or to hand-wash is recommended. It is the best choice for your cloth menstrual pads: hot water will set in stains, shrink your pads, and ultimately shorten their lifespan. Cold water wash is all around better for all of your laundry!

4. Dry in low light

Drying the cloth napkin in a low light or directly away from the harsh sunlight will help to retain the colour and will increase the longevity of the sanitary napkins.

5. Store

Put them in a clean, dry place until you need them next month.

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