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August 26, 2021
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TGB Charity & Unipads join hands for Big Social Initiative

It’s 6.00 AM in the morning and 15 Year Old Bina is up for a new day.

She’s excited to join other girls in the classroom at village school.

But Bina’s mother is not sure on how she’ll continue her daughter’s schooling.

Reason Being?

The common concern every Indian mother has for her daughter-


Start of a Girl’s Life.

It may come as a surprise to you, but every year millions of young girls across thousands of Indian villages, are forced to quit their schools.

It’s just because they have:

Low awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Issues and

It’s also because their families’ financial position doesn’t allows them to

go for pricy products available in the nearby cities.


So, what’s the solution to this issue?


“The empowered woman is powerful beyond

measure and beautiful beyond imagination”

-Steve Maraboli


Armed with a robust understanding of menstrual hygiene issues

faced by these adolescent school girls across various Indian villages,

Unipads stood up quickly and decided to address these issues at all possible levels.


In, October 2019, Unipads joined hands with

TGB Charity, a World Renowned Philanthropic Organization.


Under the guidance of TGB Charity,

Unipads partnered with Saath Charitable Trust

to reach out to adolescent young girls across several villages of Gujarat.



Unipads along with Saath Charitable Trust

has devoted several trained women volunteers to serve

on these noble missions, sponsored by TGB Charity.

Here we share the 3 Strong Pillars of the Campaign:


  1. FREE Distribution of 12,000+

Reusable Sanitary Pads Kit, made by Unipads


  1. Conduct more than 100 Health Education Workshops

for spreading awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)


  1. Cover Villages in the vicinity of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda

And all major districts



Our initiatives have gained widespread media attention and

people appreciate our teams for reaching out to the underprivileged girls,

who equally deserve good health and hygiene.


Here are some screengrabs of our campaign getting

covered by big media houses:






Feel free to connect with Unipads team to learn more about Reusable Sanitary Pad Kits and their benefits. You can even share your personal queries related to Menstrual Hygiene with us. Write to us at our mail id. shared below.


Our team will revert back with all help needed.


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