To provide a sustainable solution for menstrual hygiene for underprivileged women


To spread awareness of the need of menstrual hygiene and issues related to it. To empower women by making them a part of the team and provide them with employment opportunities.


88% of women in India don’t have access to sanitary pads. Roughly 70% of Indian families cannot afford the high cost sanitary napkins that currently dominate the market. (USAID)


28% of the students in India do not go to school during their period, due to lack of facilities and sanitary materials (UNICEF)


In a lifetime a women on an average throws 125 to 150 kilograms of disposable sanitary pads as waste


Unipads is founded by Ms. Geeta Solanki. She is a Post Graduate in management with a specialization in marketing. She started her career as a marketing professional, but was always keen to do something in the field of women’s health.

Taking this desire forward, she first studied and completed a training on child birth to address the needs of pregnant women. Geeta has trained and guided over more than 500 women during and after the course of their pregnancy and has helped make pregnancy a healthy phase through guidance on exercise, diet and meditation.

It was while working as a child birth educator and meeting women from varied social and economic backgrounds, that she became aware of a graver and broader issue of menstrual hygiene amongst women. This led to the founding of Unipads – Reusable Sanitary Pads, with the help of former colleagues and friends who had the same vision.

The issue that we want to address is ‘Menstrual health of women’. Unipads aims at providing an environment friendly solution to menstrual hygiene. In doing so, we want to empower rural women by creating employment opportunities thereby creating financial independence for them.

According to our vision, the way forward for Unipads is by partnering with institutes working on similar issues in terms of product distribution, knowledge sharing, skill development and if required infrastructure development in the longer run.

Unipads has national and international collaborations with NGOs and cooperatives of under-developed and developing countries. The manufacturing unit is located in Jamnagar and the administration office is in Ahmedabad, India.

“Our business starts and ends at serving women.”