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Empowering Women in Rural India - From Bread Maker to Bread Earner

In India, every year, an estimated 500,000 girls are lost to female feticide. An estimated 4–12 million sex-selective abortions of girl children have occurred in different Indian states during the past three decades, and the brutal massacre continues. All this is because the female population is considered a burden. Expectations of dowry, heavy financial liaisons with in-laws for life, and cultural preference for male heirs have resulted in the girl child being considered a burden.

As a result, in rural India, over half of the female population endures bias. Many need to be offered education, food security, healthcare facilities, employment opportunities, and struggle for basic rights daily. To address these significant issues, several multifaceted efforts are being made country-wide. NGOs, Influential individuals, government channels, and women-centric organizations are working to promote gender equality, empowering women through education and skill development, and improving healthcare accessibility. UNIPADS made headlines at CANNES for efforts in busting myths around menstruation and women's empowerment.

How UNIPADS Is Bringing In A Paradigm Shift

Unipads is a women-centered, cloth sanitary napkin brand working actively to enhance women’s lifestyles and women's menstrual health facilities in rural India. Since our inception, we have gradually transformed the mindset of rural villagers by empowering women and young menstruating girls through education and financial independence. Today UNIPADS represents the dreams and aspirations of countless women who have defied the odds to break free from poverty and societal conformity.

From Breadmaker To Bread Earner

One of the most profound transformations brought about by UNIPADS is the shift in how villagers perceive women as breadwinners.

Traditionally, in rural India, women have been relegated to domestic roles. We have challenged this. By providing employment opportunities to women and introducing women-centric jobs in UNIPADS manufacturing and distribution networks, we have played a pivotal role in redefining societal norms. This paradigm shift isn't just empowering women financially; it's significantly altering the societal narrative surrounding them. Women are no longer seen as mere dependents but as equals—contributors to their families and communities. Today they are successful breadwinners and valuable contributors to their community's economic growth.

UNIPADS Gives Birth To ‘Kalyanis’

Kalyanis is a village-level entrepreneurial program for women that is redefining the rural economic landscape. The Kalyanis are not just distributors of UNIPADS at rural levels; they are agents of hope and change in rural India. In villages where women hesitate to talk to male shopkeepers or family members about menstruation, UNIPADS trains Kalyanis not just to distribute pads but to educate and answer any questions related to menstruation, menstrual hygiene, and UNIPADS.

‘My family was low on income. I was worried I would have to take my children out of school. I was determined not to let this happen. Since I have become a ‘Kalyani’ with UNIPADS, the extra income pays for my kids' school.’ - Bhavna, a Kalyani at UNIPADS.

These Kalyanis have become symbols of female empowerment and entrepreneurship, impacting their communities, one pad at a time.

Number Of Women As Active Earners

UNIPADS has had a huge impact by transitioning over 380 underprivileged women from being homebound to becoming active earners. This shift is causing a seismic change in how villagers perceive women and their capabilities. With its various education drives, employment opportunities, and continued emphasis on the need for better menstrual hygiene facilities in rural India, it is reshaping rural communities!

Empowerment Through Education

UNIPADS operations place a strong emphasis on providing education, particularly to young girls. Through our efforts, more than 30,000 girls' lives are impacted positively. Our initiatives go beyond teaching girls about menstrual hygiene. They serve to eradicate the stigma and misinformation surrounding menstruation, a particularly challenging task in the culturally conservative landscape of rural India. In collaboration with organizations that share a similar vision for philanthropy to empower women, as well as dedicated NGOs working for similar causes, UNIPADS has made significant strides in women's education regarding menstrual hygiene.

Today, we don’t only educate but instill confidence and courage in women, empowering them to embrace their womanhood fearlessly. As UNIPADS continues to pioneer change, its vision extends to a future where every woman in rural India has access to menstrual hygiene solutions and the opportunity to lead a life of dignity, empowerment, and economic independence.

We envision a future where women are recognized not just as caregivers but as achievers and innovators in their own right.

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