Best Moments and Takeaways from TGB-Unipads initiative of FREE Distribution

  • How meeting Mothers and Young Girls, helped Unipads serve them with right solutions
BLOGPOST “Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.” -Oprah Winfrey Today, Unipads wants to share it all openly with you. Those moments that touched our hearts. Those situations that helped us evolve. Those learnings that made us progress.


Unipads started this initiative of FREE Distribution of 12,000 Reusable Sanitary Pads in October 2019. And for this noble initiative, we were granted full support by world renowned philanthropic organization- TGB Charity.

With this blog we feel immense pride to share all the Key Takeaways, Memorable Moments and Learnings we collected while being on ground. So let’s start.

KEY MOMENTS 1. Mother’s Concern: While carrying out awareness sessions in the schools of semi-urban areas and older Ahmedabad region, everything went well until the session got over.

Right after the session, mothers of those school girls visited us and expressed their dilemma in using reusable sanitary pads, because of their deep-rooted traditional beliefs.

Its’ also because the women of this certain community have been using only a new piece of cloth every time they get their periods.

Moreover, they shared that after using the cloth piece, they never wash it and just dump them away somewhere far from home. And because of high prices of disposable pads, they never found anything other than a cloth piece.

So, it was obvious that affordability was a big issue.

In this case, we hosted special session for the mothers and shared with them About several hygiene issues that are addressed by the reusable sanitary pads.

As a result, our efforts paid off and all the mothers felt convinced enough with Unipads.

And they accepted those FREE Reusable Sanitary Pads with open arms. They gave a go-ahead to their young school going daughters to start using Unipads’ Reusable Sanitary Pads.

2.Knowledge Gaps: Developed nations like Australia, Canada and USA are already familiar with the reusable sanitary pads for more than past 10-15 years.

In India too, many new ventures have come up with reusable pads. But they have registered success only in urban areas.

And here comes the bitter truth: “80% of rural population have no idea about the concept of reusable sanitary pads.” They know about disposable pads, but they don’t prefer it because of high prices.

So, Unipads connected with the young girls and women on a deeper level by Openly sharing about the features and benefits of reusable sanitary pads that can be used for over 12 months.

3.Light Color of Unipads: Since a long time, the village women have been using clothes to absorb the flow of blood during menstruation, so they had a valid question for us, “Why Unipads’ reusable sanitary pads have light color?” This was again because of inadequate medical information And also because of no medical expert available in those villages of Gujarat.

So, our volunteers explained to the ladies, on how the Light color of unipads’ helps as an indicator for showing the color of blood. As blood’s color, tells a lot about the women’s health.

In fact, Unipads Reusable Sanitary Pads are medically well thought of, when it comes to fabric and color.

4.First Day of Periods: It so happened that as soon as our volunteers started the awareness session for young school girls at a village school, two girls from 5th Standard came to us and asked for help.

At first they felt uneasy, but with tears flowing down from their eyes, They told us that on the very same day, they got their periods for the first time.

We immediately consoled them with warmth and compassion, and helped them By instantly handing them FREE Reusable Sanitary Pads and the women volunteers even guided them on how to use them.

5.Demo of Products: Unipads and TGB Charity have set the milestone for hosting 100 Workshops and FREE Distribution of 12,000 Reusable Sanitary Pads. But, It's just after hosting the first 10 workshops, That we had to re-align our way of knowledge sharing.

Since Menstruation is still a taboo among the rural communities and Since they have no access to information on menstruation, so Our volunteers decided to present demo of all products related to menstruation. Those products that are available by and large across urban areas.

So, we showed them products like Disposable pads, reusable sanitary pads, Tampon and menstrual cups.

All they ever knew, was about using old clothes. But these sessions empowered them with knowledge of The products used by women while they are undergoing their periods.


Unipads along with Saath NGO Group, has been working across several villages and tribal areas of Gujarat for implementing this initiative of FREE Distribution of Reusable Sanitary Pads.

And we are always open for discussions related to menstrual hygiene.

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