Before working for Unipads I used to work as a household maid, it was hard work with low self-respect and low pay. However working for Unipads not only has restored my self-respect but also income from it helps me send my children to private English medium school. I am very happy and hopeful for a better life ahead.
(worker for Unipads)
-Chhayaben Thakor

Inspite of being a diabetic and high blood pressure patient I was forced to work as a daily wage labourer at construction sites to support my family. Luckily I happened to meet Geeta Madam during a charity event organized at our chawl. On interaction with her I found about their work and was eager to join them. Unlike work as daily labourer this work gives me a steady source of income without compromising my personal health.
(worker for Unipads)
-Jayaben Makwana

My husband is a driver and with his income it is very difficult to run the errands of our house. We could hardly manage to pay for our routine expenses of food, rent, my children’s education etc. When ends barely meet, using expensive sanitary napkins was out of question and so as other women from the locality I used rags and cloth. However when I came to know about Unipads, reusable and affordable sanitary pads, I started using them. I am very happy with Unipads as it has good absorption capacity and I don’t have to worry about leakages. Now I can proudly say that I can afford to pay for my menstrual hygiene.
(customer for Unipads)
-Nirmalaben Prajapati

I always wanted to work and earn money as I felt that women should come forward to help the family in all possible manner. My husband was supportive of me but owing to my limited education of high school I could not find a respectable job and so my determinations were almost shattered. Then one day I saw an ad for sales women and went for the interview. The rest is history, today as women I am successfully selling a product manufactured by women and for the women. I aspire to become area manager with my hard work and dedication. Thank you team Unipads for letting me live my dreams.
(Sales Executive for Unipads)
-Salva Khan

Unipads is not business, not an enterprise; it is a family. A family which unites us all whether founders, investors, employees, customers, volunteers to a common cause of access to menstrual hygiene and women empowerment. Unipads have been distributed amongst more than 800000 women nationally and internationally thus helping them achieve menstrual hygiene. Over the cause of time more than 135 women have worked for Unipads which has helped their families move a step towards achieving financial stability. We have a target to help atleast 3 million women access to safe menstrual hygiene through Unipads Reusable Sanitary Pads by 2020. We are keen to work with national and international organizations who share same culture and values as we do for the betterment of women’s lives.
(Geeta Solanki, Founder)
-Geeta Solanki