Believe us or not,
switching is the only
reasonable choice
left for us all.

loves it back

Did you know that an average sanitary napkin that you use takes up to 500-700 years to decompose? It is choking the soil and hence life out of trees and you cannot just sit inside your homes thinking that we cannot do anything about this. Because you can do a lot with your one decision. A decision to switch to cloth based sanitary napkins. The Unipads are reusable and made of biodegradable and sustainable cloth which does not have an extreme impact on the environment. Our pads are kind and are loved by the environment, now just waiting to be loved by you.

It is gentle
for you

We as women love all things soft and gentle for us. A women treated gently has a good possibility of blooming well in life. Our cloth pads are made sustainably and are chemical free for your intimate use. So, be prepared for your next cycle with Unipads and face your periods with comfort and confidence.

It is good
for your pocket

Shelling out bucks every month for one time use plastic pads can be tough on your pocket in comparison to Unipads which are reusable. You buy them once and you are buying into comfort and savings. You can use them for a few months and can buy another set for the next few months. 2-3 packs are good to go for a year! So, what are you waiting for, go bless your pockets.

Here helping yourself
means helping others

Once you switch to Unipads you are not just helping yourself, we are helping some other woman on behalf of you. So, it is a chain of goodness that you are starting, and we thought you should be aware of the same.