BREATHE NEW LIFE: World Renowned TGB Charity launches New Website & Brand Video

BREATHE NEW LIFE: World Renowned TGB Charity launches New Website & Brand Video

Unipads India Welcomes TGB Charity’s New Website & 2021 Brand Video On this
lovely blue sphere of ours, every day brings up new challenges. People, animals,
places, resources and climate, all face pressing issues. And what’s the best way to
solve them?


In this regard, philanthropy has gained utmost importance for humanity.
But philanthropy’s benefits are only good when they are made available far and wide
across the world for serving underprivileged communities and places.

And leading on this front is a world renowned philanthropic organization that was
launched in 2018:


Popularly known as TGB Charity, this non-profit organisation has always come forward
to contribute resources for noble initiatives. Most well-known of them being:

– Supporting children’s education in Cambodia

– Construction of playground in a Tsunami affected area of Japan

– Helping 12000 school girls in India with free reusable sanitary pads

– Planting 1,000,000 trees around the world

And so much more.

But they deserve big applause for mixing love with all the charitable events.

In short, they make good deeds more fun by spreading the benefits with new ways of
using available resources and Technology.

Today, it’s an honour for Unipads India, to mention the lovely new website of
tgb charity:


This brand-new website redefines philanthropy by taking forward the spirit of TGB:
Think Big, Give beyond Come let’s watch this awesome video that says “HI” to the new


Click Here

This was a great one !

But there’s something more for you.

TGB charity has also launched the latest brand video of 2021.

This video shows stories of four different characters:

– Will the girl jump off the Springboard?

– What is the boy waiting for?

– What is the old man’s anticipation?

– Will the woman survive?


Click Here

Now we are sure that this blog gave you a pretty good tour of the exciting new works
of TGB charity.

And you’ll be amazed to know more from their official website
(N.B. Unipads India has specially dedicated this blog to showcase information about
TGB charity)