School Miles: The Next Big Thing In Rural India’s Sustainable Menstruation Journey

School Miles: The Next Big Thing In Rural India’s Sustainable Menstruation Journey

For many young menstruating girls, leaving school is not a choice. They are forced
to prioritize their basic hygiene needs over their education, left with no option
but to abandon their classrooms.

Shockingly, in India, 71% of adolescent girls are unaware of menstruation until their
first period, resulting in approximately 2.3 Crore girls leaving school. This startling
statistic highlights a pervasive issue faced by many adolescent girls in rural areas.
Imagine a young girl, full of potential, excited to learn and grow, but held back by the
challenges of menstruation. Eventually, this lack of education leads to shattered dreams,
early marriages, stunted opportunities, health risks, compromised personal growth, financial
stability, and community involvement.

Unipads believes in continuous efforts for transformative impact. Having touched the
lives of over 90,0000 adolescent girls, Unipads continues to build on its impact.
To encourage menstruating girls to attend school, School Miles by Unipads was initiated.

School Miles Explained:

    • Vision
      School Miles envisions encouraging rural Indian school girls to pursue their education undeterred by menstrual challenges thus decreasing dropout rates and building
      a world of equal opportunities.
    • What It Is
      School Miles is a Unipads Initiative that rewards girls for attending school.
      At its core, ‘School Miles’ envisions a future where every rural girl in India has equal and unhindered access to education. The primary purpose of ‘School Miles’ is to tackle the alarming dropout rates among adolescent girls in rural India due to menstruation-related issues. By providing comprehensive menstrual hygiene kits, promoting awareness, and implementing a unique reward system, ‘School Miles’ strives to ensure that girls stay in school and thrive in their educational journey.
    • How It Works
      To achieve its goals, via ‘School Miles,’ Unipads provides ‘School Miles Starter Kits’ to girls in rural areas. These kits include sustainable menstrual hygiene products like Unipads cloth pads, washable cotton underwear, multipurpose soap, and reusable hot water bags. These kits last the girls for an entire school year. Additionally, informative leaflets on menstrual hygiene practices empower girls to make informed choices regarding their menstrual health. It further underscores the importance of empowering young girls to achieve their full potential and not let
      periods get in the way of 2.3 Crore dreams.
    • It’s Impact
      The impact of ‘School Miles’ is far-reaching. Spread through various rural villages of Gujarat, it facilitates the continuation of education for numerous girls who would otherwise be at risk of dropping out due to menstrual hygiene challenges. ‘School Miles’ gives them the confidence to manage their periods by knowing that they can regularly access basic MHM easily. This is crucial in those parts of rural India where even today, young girls use old, dirty rags, torn pieces of fabric, or even grass to manage their menstruation. Lastly, the initiative provides holistic support through a reward system, encouraging improved attendance and engagement ultimately promoting overall educational growth and development.
    • Rewards Encourage Girls To Stay In School
      Its unique reward system sets
      ‘School Miles’ apart.
    • Every mile walked to school earns girls ‘School Mile’ points.
    • These accumulated points can be redeemed for educational resources
    • They can be redeemed for school supplies
    • Many girls use these points to access MHM products for friends and family!
    • Using these, girls can access associated online classes to further their educational goals.
    • Their daily journey becomes a pathway for further education.School Miles is an opportunity for growth. It motivates girls to stay determined, dream bigger,
      and work towards a future defined by education, empowerment, and endless possibilities.
  • Join Us In Taking School Miles Further‘School Miles’
    collaborates with local schools, NGOs, Companies initiating their CSR Journey, and other stakeholders to maximize its impact. By joining together, let’s support ‘School Miles’ and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future for all girls.

    To know more about School Miles, reach out to us at Unipads.