Embrace Your Period With Affordable Sanitary Pads

Embrace Your Period With Affordable Sanitary Pads

In our quest to offer affordable menstruation to women, Unipads has created healthy, reusable and affordable sanitary pads for women across all stratas’ of society. Women and girls who use unhygienic alternatives for sanitary pads or tampons (such as newspapers, leaves, cloth, and cow dung) not only face health issues, but also tend to miss work or school more frequently. Indeed, most women in developing countries, particularly in Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa, do not use adequate female hygiene products. This lack of use negatively affects their self-esteem and participation in education and employment and ultimately, in society. This raises the need for affordable sanitary pads.

While disposable sanitary napkins are easily accessible and have been a trend for years, they amount to quite a bit of monthly expenditure.

Often times, women in lesser fortunate circumstances cannot afford these necessary facilities. They are either unavailable when they need them or just too expensive. So where does this leave the requirement for basic sanitary health?

The new Unipads reusable and affordable sanitary pads have been created with an intent to provide healthier and more affordable menstrual hygiene options to women in both, urban and rural areas.

Made out of breathable fabric, the Unipads helps in period that is free from rashes, itching and chaffing.

With its simple wash care routine of soaking, washing and drying, a single Unipad can survive upto 60 washes making it an extremely affordable sanitary pad.

So now, rather than having to buy a new packet every month, Unipads is a one time investment for years to come!

With Unipads, a woman has to invest in a reusable sanitary napkin
and does not need to compromise on her health care anymore.