Helping Girls Stay In School With Unipads Re-Usable Sanitary Napkins

Helping Girls Stay In School With Unipads Re-Usable Sanitary Napkins

We at Unipads understand our greater responsibility towards the community.

Not only do we manufacture reusable sanitary pads, but we also dedicate ourselves to uplifting the status of women in our society.

Menstruation is an issue that is laced with myths, taboo calls, lack of awareness and unavailability of resources.

The biggest victim of these issues are our women residing in the rural areas. Did you know that owing to lack of facilities, 62% women in the age group of 15-24 years still rely on a cloth during periods which is often reused and about 88% of women in India sometimes resort to using ashes, newspapers, dried leaves and husk sand to aid absorption.

We believe that reusable sanitary pads will herald the way towards sustainable menstrual hygiene and will go a long way in offering a life to dignity to women. At Unipads, we leverage all our resources for the benefit of the society at large.

As part of our CSR activity, Ms. Geeta Solanki and our team of women from Unipads recently visited a girls school in a remote village of Jamnagar. This visit was a collaboration for the benefit of the younger generation and to educate them about menstruation and related issues. Discussions with these young girls revealed that 75% of girls had little idea what menstruation was before they got their first period – causing them to feel scared, confused and embarrassed.

The topics addressed by Ms. Solanki during her interaction with the girls were:

  • What is menstruation?
  • What happens to the body during menstruation?
  • Resources available to manage menstruation.
  • Impact of Unipads on the body, finances, environment and why you
    should use Unipads
  • Unipads and how to use it.
  • Breaking period myth and self-worth.

At the end of this session we realized that a lot of these girls were unable to talk about menstruation even to their mothers! They don’t have the requisite information on healthy periods and how to accept this natural process in a bold manner.

With this effort of Unipads, we hope that we have showed these girls the way to dignity and how to stay in school with the use of Unipads.