Innovation Unlocked: Delivering the USP of Unipads Reusable Pads to underprivileged school girls across Gujarat

Innovation Unlocked: Delivering the USP of Unipads Reusable Pads to underprivileged school girls across Gujarat

Unipads and TGB Group’s famous initiative of helping underprivileged school girls by gifting them FREE reusable Sanitary Pads Believe it or not, India has 2 altogether
opposite versions. First one with shiny lights, skyscrapers and traffic jams. And in
this urban version, It’s pretty easy to find a medical store or a supermarket at
every kilometer. While the second one is far away from these worldly affairs. Forget
about lights, finding a small medical store is also next to impossible when you are
in the rural areas.

Now you must be thinking, “What’s the Big Deal here?”


Women and young girls across thousands of Indian villages experience-

  • Unavailability of Affordable Sanitary Pads
  • Poor Menstrual Hygiene, and
  • No Basic Awareness

Unspoken truths. Right?


Well, this reminds us of a mind-boggling quote that brought up a fantastic
initiative by Unipads:

“Modern Society is built upon two things: TRUTH, which is discovered,

and INNOVATION, which is created.”

-True Tamplin

And the innovation brought forward by Unipads to solve these issues is:


As a home-grown brand with solid understanding of hygiene issues from grassroots
level, Unipads along with Saath NGO and TGB Charity, reached out across various rural areas to


Driven by passion to spark a positive change in the lives of underprivileged school
girls, Unipads joined hands with TGB Group for a special initiative:

“FREE Distribution of Reusable Sanitary Pads to over 12,000 underprivileged
school girls of rural, tribal and backward areas of Gujarat.”

And this brings us to a million-dollar question-


Reusable Sanitary Pads by Unipads become all the more special,

Because of the following 5 benefits:

  1. Reusable For Long Time:

Gets rid of repeated buying of costly disposable sanitary bags. Plus, a single
reusable sanitary pad goes good for about 60 washes. And the best part is- A pack of
Unipads comes with 4 Reusable Sanitary Pads.

3 Maxi Pads for routine use and 1 Super Maxi Pad

for extended use during overnight.

  1. Easy to Carry:

Its’ pretty easy to carry these pads, because Unipads kit comes with a leakproof
pouch. This pouch saves your pads from dust and contaminants. Moreover, all the 4
pads have buttons on the edges that help you to easily fold the pads within few
seconds and carry them in their bags with peace of mind.

  1. Super-Absorbent:

These pads have a super absorbent layer with powerful soaking Of the flow made
possible by the extended wings on both sides. Along with this, these reusable cloth
pads are odorless. Thus, giving confidence to the girls to lead ahead in life.

  1. Period Positivity:

This helps young school girls develop confidence in the most hygienic solution for
their periods. Plus, the whole kit also takes care of disposing the pads while
taking care of environment.

  1. Safe & Relaxing :

Made using high quality natural fabric, these reusable pads deliver a soft and
relaxed feeling. Unipads assigns topmost value to comfort level, as time, and again
it has been observed that disposable sanitary pads have microplastics in them, that
cause rashes and infections. Whereas Unipads assures the highest comfort level with
these reusable and affordable pads.


From January 2021, all Sanitary Pad Manufacturers in India, will have to
compulsorily give biodegradable bags

for disposal of sanitary napkins.

ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU 😊 While this initiative is progressing and reaching across
various rural areas Of Gujarat, Unipads feels responsible to help you with right
knowledge on menstrual hygiene. Please feel free to ask share your queries with us,
in the comments section below. Or, if you would like to ask privately, feel free to write to us on this mail: