Periods Education: Spreading Positivity on MHM by using local languages

Periods Education: Spreading Positivity on MHM by using local languages

How Unipads and TGB Charity help young school girls learn about MHM While relaxing on a comfy couch, we happily scroll over the screens of our phones and tablets. And within 02 seconds, Internet serves all answer to our searches. This feels so normal because we live in urban cities, where we get the best of education, facilities and infrastructure. Just for once, visit the villages of India, and you’ll be surprised about the fact, that rural areas are still far behind on these parameters. Specially, women and young girls who have no proper access to education about:

  • Health & Cleanliness
  • Menstrual Hygiene and Management
  • General Awareness on Sanitary Products

And the list grows bigger and bigger!


There are over 355 Million menstruating women in India,

who account for nearly 30% of India’s population

So, what’s the best way to support these young girls with education on all these important Issues?


In, October 2019, Unipads India joined hands with TGB Charity, a World Renowned Philanthropic Organization.

We took up a giant initiative of:

“Distributing FREE Reusable Sanitary Pads Kit and host MHM Workshops

across various rural areas of Gujarat for young girls.”

After a good amount of research we stepped out to spread education on the topics of menstrual hygiene and thus came:


Going beyond just awareness, Unipads came up with altogether novel ideas of making positive impact around this topic. By now, our Volunteers have reached out across more than 20 Villages of Gujarat, where they have hosted special education sessions for school going young girls.

All these MHM sessions are based on 4 USPs:

  1. Use of Local Languages:Spread Positivity and create comfort zone by using languages spoken in those villages. Moreover, all of our leaflets for this initiative had information expressed in Gujarati, Hindi and English.
  2. Personal Discussion:We welcomed all young girls to discuss their concerns on health, hygiene and myths with our trained women volunteers. This helped us address a diversity of queries surrounding the topics of menstruation.
  3. Open Q&A Session:In each classroom and gathering, we gave our best efforts by sharing knowledge on basic hygiene issues, taboo,
    sanitary products and so much more. And we answered all questions from those young minds.
  4. Encouraging Elder Women:Mothers and teachers also participated in MHM awareness sessions. As they play an important role in guiding the young girls who need support and discussions about menstruation.

opportunities, that keeps us going ahead.


Makes us proud to share that Unipads’ volunteers are working alongside volunteers of Saath Charitable Trust to successfully implement these sessions in the rural and tribal areas of Gujarat.

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes.

That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make

a positive impact.”