Travelling While Menstruating And How To Manage

Travelling While Menstruating And How To Manage

A major concern for menstruating women irrespective of weather they are using re-usable sanitary napkins or any other kinds of menstruation management products, is that they might need to change the pad while outside the house.

While we can absolutely understand this concern trust us it doesn’t require worry. Just a little planning can help you save yourself trouble. Here are a few tips on how to manage your period the healthy and sustainable way:

Take toilet breaks when you can:

Whenever you get a chance and find a toilet with running water, seize the opportunity to check and if needed change your sanitary napkins. Changing -usable sanitary pads periodically reduces the risk of leaks and keeps you sprightly. A single Unipad can last for 2-3 hours.

Keep a good wet bag or a pouch:

Unipads comes with a re-usable pouch in which you can carry your unused sanitary napkin and can also change it after use. Once you are home, you can remove your reusable pad and wash the wet bag. Get your Unipads and very own wet pouch here:

Give your pad a rinse:

An easy thing to do is also to rinse the used cloth napkin before you store it. If while travelling or being on the move, you have access to a sink and some water, rinsing the pad helps in storing it in a better and easier manner. Furthermore, it reduces the cleaning time when you come back.

Don’t be bothered by smell:

We usually hear that used cloth pads don’t smell unless left soaking wet for a long time. In-fact women who have used Unipads claim that there is relief from body odour when they use Unipads.

So be free. Enjoy your travels. Have a healthy period.