Yes, I am bleeding

Yes, I am bleeding

Today in India, menstruation is a hush-hush word despite it being the ultimate reality. There are organizations which are working day and night to eradicate the stigmas associated with it.

The teams at Unipads and Driverben are pioneers in this social revolution who have a broader vision to start a dialogue around menstruation by breaking all taboos and stigmas.

In order to do this, Unipads and Driverben came together once again and met women drivers in an attempt to break out of the secrecy associated with talking about menstruation and challenges associated with it.

Unipads, is an Ahmedabad based manufacturer and distributor of reusable sanitary pads founded by Geeta Solanki.

The driving idea of Unipads is to empower women, by making them financially independent. At the same time, we want to reach out to maximum women and educate them about the importance of hygiene during menstruation, thereby making us a company that is “For women, by women”.

The campaign launch event centered around meeting 45 young and middle-aged women. The workshop revolved around understanding their current habits during menstruation, motivating them to be more open about it and explaining the benefits of reusable sanitary pads.

Both teams have collaborated to start a campaign “Yes, I am bleeding” as an attempt to make menstruation a topic that deserves much more discussion and openness. We believe that women need to take it upon themselves to bring this change in the society. Until and unless we don’t initiate talk,
menstruation will always be associated with shame and secrecy; something that
doesn’t deserve any attention.

Bleeding is a monthly universal phenomenon and at times we need to let people know without being ashamed of it or trying to hide it. So in an attempt to bid adieu to days when purchasing sanitary napkins needed extra preparation and sanitary ads on TV caused us to be uncomfortable in our seats if family is around, we created a waist coast bearing the words “Yes, I am bleeding”.

At the event, the team at Unipads presented these waistcoats to the drivers and requested them to wear it during the 5 days of their menstruation as a move to break the barriers of secrecy.

With this, we hope that we are able to progress towards a society that is more aware and open of menstruation and challenges that women face in today’s world.