Your Period And Your Right To Choose

Your Period And Your Right To Choose

With the rise in peoples awareness towards the use of plastics in menstruation products, women across the globe are choosing healthier sanitation options. From reusable sanitary pads, to organic tampons to menstrual cups, the shelves are full of choices.

When shifting to a better menstruation product that is not harmful to your body, many women are also making the change to reusable sanitation products in an attempt to reduce the impact of plastic waste that contributes huge amounts of non-disposable waste to the landfills, rivers and oceans.

Menstural Cups

Made from good healthcare-grade silicone, these menstrual cups are used to be inserted, collect menstrual blood, then emptied and washed before being reused. They are available in different sizes, for women who have and women who have not been through childbirth and can last for years but are often times difficult to inert in public washrooms. Also without properly sterilizing them before inserting, these could actually land up harming your body more than benefiting you.

Today there are several internal and external menstruation choices available; both with reusable options. Internal reusable options are tampons and menstrual cups.

External reusable options are reusable cloth napkins.

So what are the pros and cons of these ?

Reusable Cloth Napkins

Re-usable Tampons

Biodegradable tampons don’t contain any pesticide residue. Many organic cotton tampons are better-constructed to reduce risk of fibers being left behind. Some women experience fewer hormonal issues after switching to organic cotton tampons. These are great for free movement but can land up being very expensive to use. Also, if you don’t clean your hands while inserting properly, you land the risk of infecting yourself. Reuseable Sanitary Napkins